Midcentury Billedvev Mystery–Solved

Line Dufour posted a query on Facebook–“Can anyone help us learn more about this tapestry weaving? We believe it was handed down generation to generation from a woman who originated from Norway.”

Certainly it could be Norwegian. And indeed, a reader of the European Tapestry Forum, Sumiko Tasaka, responded,

Yes. I had woven this pattern of Norwegian weaving which was titled “Wedding”. The patterns are traditional and are inherited for several centuries.
I furthered the inquiry on the Nordic Weaving Network Facebook Group, and Karin Granos Nelson noted that a tapestry in the same pattern is available on eBay (here); the asking price is $250.
I also wrote to my friend Kari Anne Pedersen, who works at the Norsk Folkemuseum
and asked, “I guessed that it could have been a commercial pattern. Are you familiar with it, or the designer? Is there a place I could find out more information about patterns available over the years from Husflid and others?” Kari-Anne’s specialty is in embroidery, but I figured she might know where I could find more information. This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked about mystery Norwegian tapestries.
Indeed, Kari-Anne wrote, “I’m no weaver,” but she posted the question to her Facebook group. Four minutes later–an answer! “Mette Haugen answered that the drawing and yarn was sold at Husfliden in Oslo. The designer’s name is Mari Prestgard Rustad. It is called «The Bridal Couple» (Brudeparet) and is 50x42cm.” She also said that the Norsk Folkemuseum has a complete collection of patterns from Den Norske Husflidsforening, but they are not digitized. (I think I will start thinking of grant opportunities now for further research, and hope for a vaccine soon!)
Here are three patterns by Mari Prestgard Rustad. I think I’ve seen the bird pattern in the past, too.
Finally, a version of the pattern was part of an auction in 2013, one of many tapestries listed on this document. The origin of the document is a bit cryptic, but I believe it was posted by Festiviteten-Lena, an auction site. There are several other interesting tapestries shown.

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  1. Hi, Robbie,

    I’m very interested in the Nordic weaving posted on Ebay. When I visited the site I could find no information on the size of the weaving.

    That being said, I would much prefer to pay you $250 to recreate that weaving. Would you consider that?

    Thanks, Mary


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