Small Tapestry International 7: Part Two

I mentioned in my last post about the exhibition that I was so filled with awe as I started that I forgot to take a photo of the first piece, Kathe Todd Hooker’s “Last Stand.” I was entranced with the fine sett and complex image. There’s so much to examine closely; for example, look at the interesting variation in her treatment of the truck’s headlights.

And my oversight means you get even more information about the weaving. Kathe wrote to me, “Last Stand is a narrative piece about a friend GC who is an old aging out political activist with roots going far back to Wounded Knee and beyond. She had been feeling guilty and sad that the only thing left to her was  to live to the election and vote her heart to remove Trump—too many responsibilities to the grandson she is raising and too old to be actively involved. Feathers denote warrior. The outlines ghost of the past.”

Photo by Tib Shaw

And there are many words woven in. I started to puzzle them out, but didn’t finish before I was drawn to the rest of the excellent show. So thank you Kathe, for this narrative.

Tuck Frump
Time to take out the trash
Get out and vote now before it’s too late!
Nasty Ladies. Unite
And finally “I will live long enough to vote and see trump frogged stepped out of the Whitehouse!”

If you can, be sure to get to the gallery to see the show. Tib noted that during pandemic times, street parking in downtown St. Paul is pretty easy to find. That was my experience, too.

Small Tapestry International 7: Elements
American Association of Woodturners Gallery of Wood Art
Landmark Center, St. Paul (75 5th St W, Saint Paul, MN)
March 14-June 13, 2021
Regular Hours: Weds- Fri 12-4 PM; Sun 12-4 PM and by appointment

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