Valley Grove Tapestry: Badger, Coyote, Poland China Pig

The last three animals woven into the border around the bur oak tree were a Poland China pig, a badger and a coyote.

The Norwegian immigrants settling around Valley Grove Church would have been familiar with the badger; the European badger found in Norway is very similar.

Did you know that badgers and coyotes often hunt gophers in tandem? The badger digs down into the gopher hole, and sometimes he is lucky to catch one. But if the gopher scurries to escape from another hole, the coyote partner might win. See this marvelous video: “Rare–A Badger and a Coyote Hunting Together.” I don’t think it is so rare that they hunt together, but that the naturalist was able to get the footage.

The top row also includes a Poland China pig, a domestic animal raised in the area. The Poland China pig is the oldest American breed of swine.

The tapestry is nearly done.


  1. Almost done with #1, it’s looking really fabulous Robbie! How you get all the fine details in there is astounding!

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