Valley Grove Tapestries: The Skiing Pastor

While designing tapestries, I look through images of historical tapestries for inspiration, for graphic elements and use of pattern. I glanced at a card in my files and thought, “I could use diamonds in the snow at the bottom of the skiing pastor tapestry, like the diamonds in the woman’s dress.”

The detail used in the card is from this tapestry owned by the National Museum of Norway.

Tapestry, Unidentified weaver, between 1570-1600.

There will also be angels in the skiing pastor tapestry, in the upper corners–but not like the angels in the tapestry above, who look sad. And what is coming out of their mouths?

I think the snow will look nice, and graphic. The trees flanking the pastor will be red, orange and brown.

I haven’t shown the completed church and Ladies Aid tapestry yet; I’m waiting to hem and steam it. I’ve had it beside the couch during the Winter Olympics, to work on sewing in the threads on the back. Believe it or not, this represents a few hours of work already.

Pretty soon I’ll be weaving the pastor’s skis. Keep tuned!

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