Watch a New Documentary: “Valley Grove: A Living Tapestry”

The Valley Grove tapestry project came at an opportune time to coordinate with another project. Minnesota filmmaker Paul Krause had been working around two years on a documentary about the history of the Valley Grove Preservation Society. When he heard about the tapestries, he said he would wait to finish his film until one of them could be included. He came to my studio in September, 2021, to interview me and film the tapestry on the loom. When it was finished, I tacked up the hems and we put it up temporarily so he could take a photo. He finished up the film shortly after that.

Here you can see the difference between the temporarily tacked-up piece for photo purposes (plus cat), and then how it looks when the ends are tucked in and it is hemmed.

I can only hope that other visitors to the church will be as appreciative as Paul was. He was excited to tell me about the final title he came up with for his film, “Valley Grove: A Living Tapestry.” It will debut on Twin Cities PBS (TPT) on May 15, and be shown at other times, too.

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