Some Pretty Wool Transparencies at Auction, and my own Transparency Nearly Done

This set of transparencies for sale by Blomqvist are quite lovely; there is less than a day left to bid. The last time I checked, you will have to bid at least 7,500 kroner ($764). (listing here) They were woven by Sofie Vigerust in the 1940s. I don’t know anything about the weaver or the designer, if it was a different person. Let me know if you have more information.

I like the variegation in the blue areas. I find the combination of blues and gold-to-brown shades very appealing. Shortly after I saw these photos I noticed a Chinese Tang dynasty ceramic camel at MIA (The Minneapolis Institute of Art) with the same palette.

I was happy to take my transparency in more spring-like colors off the loom this weekend, Frida’s Flowers: A Still Life. Here is the last visible bit on the loom, just before cutting it off.

I am finishing the top edge now. I opted for braided loops — serendipitously, like the ones shown on the auction piece above. I won’t have a wooden rod, however, but a transparent acrylic rod that I thought would suit the lightness of the image. I was braiding today while watching the new Frontline show on PBS, “Global Spyware Scandal: Exposing Pegasus.” I found I could do a lot of the time-consuming task without even looking at my fingers.

I’ll have photos of the completed piece soon, along with comments on the Jaggerspun warp I was testing.

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