Why the title?

Preparing for the next project
Preparing for the next project

Many of my weaving friends with busy lives recognize the feeling of slight guilt each time you walk by a loom that hasn’t been touched in days, or weeks. Really, I’m bound to weave one of these days. And then, as you are happily absorbed in the challenge of weaving your next piece you think, “Why did I put this off?”

I studied weaving at Valdres Husflidsskole for a half year in 1977. After a hiatus of several years for graduate school and babies, I began to weave again. It has become a part of my life, a challenge and an escape – I am bound to weaving.

The blog title has a third meaning, as our Scandinavian Study Group, part of the Minnesota Weaver’s Guild, is studying boundweave for the next 18 months. I intend to share photos and experiences and tips as our group explores variations on the boundweave theme.

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