Spiky Felting

IMG_0415A tiny shop in the old part of central Berlin had beautiful boiled wool coats and jackets, more wristwarmers and funny circles of felted spikes.  I wanted to ask about them, but we were breezing through and I didn’t take the time to halt the progress of our small group.  When I visited a museum the next day, there was a woman wearing the spiky thing in her hair!  It looked so great, and I admired her ability to pull off wearing a lavender sweater and a orange and red spiky hair object.  I had to stop her and tell hew how great she looked and ask if I could take a picture.  She said it could also be worn as a bracelet.  I’m not sure you could eat a meal while wearing it!  And I’m sure if my husband reads this he will be happy that I did not purchase one of them.