Only a Weaver Will Recognize This Christmas Tree

One of the “extras” that came with my lovely new (old) Toika loom was a LARGE warping reel.  It sits, way too much of the time, in our family room, more often serving as a conversation piece rather than a functional piece of equipment.  Guests furrow their brows, wonder if they are supposed to hang their coats on it, and say, “What IS that?”

Recently I said to my husband, “Really, I promise to finish to winding off that warp this week, so I can take it down and we can put up a Christmas tree.

He looked at it and tossed off the comment, “Well, that could be the Christmas tree.”

I’ll bet he wishes he bit his tongue, because he likes real trees.  But for this one experimental year, here’s our crazy tree!  The lights are festive, and our most beloved ornaments hang very visibly from the fake garland.  There is space underneath for many more gifts – which reminds me – I had better go finish one of my daughter’s gifts before she arrives!  It will fill up a good deal of space!

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