Finally, Actual Weaving

My best-laid plans to weave through the month of December were waylaid by a trip to visit my parents, Christmas preparations and celebrations, and moving the weaving room and study within our house.  Finally, the end of December found the loom reassembled, warped, and ready.  Beginning to weave means moving the cat, whose favorite spot is the fleece on the bench.  You can see that once the weaving is underway, he is moved to a small fleece on a chair next to the loom.  I am weaving a single krokbragd piece with rya yarn, which I don’t usually use.  Last year I bought many skeins at the Weaver’s Guild, so this piece was a challenge to use the colors I had to best advantage.  It’s been a lot of fun to see the pattern unfold so quickly because the yarn is thick.