The Rest of the State Fair Story

I posted about the most fun part of the State Fair this year – winning a ribbon for a small tapestry of my daughter’s face, and having the opportunity to send her friends on a hunt to find Margaret’s award-wining face.  But that wasn’t the only success – the other four pieces I submitted also won ribbons.

A krokbragd hanging, one of the “Old Pattern” series I wove, won a blue ribbon.  (Do you notice the “Minnesota State Senate” shirt?  I was working that day at the Senate State Fair booth.)

A second wall hanging to win a blue ribbon was a Sami reindeer image on a rag rug background. I posted about this one earlier.

A boundweave hanging in three-shaft Flesberg technique won a blue ribbon and a sweepstakes prize in the rug category.

And finally, a linen table runner in tavlebragd (monksbelt) technique won a second-place red ribbon and the Doris Tufte Award for Creative Loom Weaving.

I’ve thought about entering pieces in the State Fair previously but it always seemed difficult to get down to the building on just the right day to deliver them.   I am especially grateful to the Weaver’s Guild this year for coordinating a group drop-off, allowing me to deliver my pieces to the Weavers Guild office at a convenient time.  Sue Bye, who brought the pieces to the Fair, said she was lucky to get in.  She was the last one in line; they closed the doors behind her.  Thanks Sue!

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