Else Marie Jakobsen

Else Marie Jakobsen died Wednesday in Kristiansand, Norway, at age 85.  I have long admired her freedom of design, the outspoken political statements of many of her images, the ambitious size of her works, and the richness of color in her tapestries.    The notice in Fædrelandsvennet included, “The socially committed tapestry artist from Kristiansand was one of the most important post-war textile artists, and leaves behind over 600 tapestries in Norway and in other countries.”  Although I never met Else Marie Jakobsen personally, I feel I knew her through her work and her friendship with my friend Annemor Sundbø.


This image of one of Else Marie Jakobsen’s versions of “The Hundred Violins” was taken from her online gallery on the absolutetapestry.com website.

Hvil i fred.

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