Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

The Scream rya is progressing.  It takes about 25 minutes to tie a row of knots, all the while thinking about how the full image will unfold.  It’s going well, EXCEPT I may run out of warp and be forced to tie on another whole warp to weave just a few inches.  This is  uncharacterstic for me, because I tend to calculate the warp length I need and then add a whole other chunk, just because I never want to run into this situation.  Usually I am fretting about the wastefulness of long leftover warp.  Either this tragedy will unfold, or I will be weaving in tight, tight quarters for the final inches.

Here’s where I am now.  Here’s the weaving in progress.  I pull out threads from the boxes, creating bundles of color.

I clip narrow strips off the large image to guide my work.  Here’s what’s left!

And finally, I am a serious weaver, but I am a serious weaver who just happens to have a kitten, a surprise addition to our household. Buzz is very sweet and thrilled about yarn and the loom.  One lesson learned?  Why would you purchase silly cat gym contraptions at Home Depot when you can just hang an empty thread spool from the side of the loom?  However, he is learning what is allowed and what is not. Climbing on a weaving in progress leads to kitty slamdown. He shakes his head and walks off to find some other tempting activity.  I promise not to turn this into a cat website, although maybe I should.  Thousands came to the Walker Art Center to watch cat videos on a big outdoor screen.   Here’s Buzz, looking cute.

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