Muffled Scream

My Skrik rya is in the member show at the Textile Center, up through March 2, 2013.  As part of promoting the show, Jenny Jones posed a series of questions to each participant, and posted the answers on the Textile Center website.  Here is my entry.

My friend Veronna Capone visited the show last week, and I enjoyed her comment.  “I liked seeing your SCREAM rya.  I’ve used the idea of borrowing from one art form, such as you did, and using the image or figures in another media.  Some quilt patterns weave up, some don’t.  Painting is hard but I think you did it well.  I hope it didn’t ‘hurt’ as much as Munch’s seemed to!  Yours, being softer than painted canvas, might be ‘Muffled Scream’.”

This blog has been quiet of late.  I’m busy finishing up final weeks of work at the Legislative Reference Library.  I’m jumping off a cliff, taking early retirement, and will explore new opportunities.  Weaving will be a priority in the coming months, as well as my new granddaughter, Coralie Nan LaFleur.


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