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The Decisions Along the Way

This is a follow-up to my post, Traditional Icelandic Rya Knots; A Contemporary Adaption, about the warp-weighted loom class I attended at Vesterheim this summer. Four of the five pieces woven … Continue reading

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Great-Grandmother Gunvalda in Color

I’ve been making small tapestry portraits of family members, mostly to explore portraiture in tapestry and to experiment with different yarns.  The small pieces are so instructive.  I wove an … Continue reading

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The Value of Things (and Weavings)

Deborah Needleman, in her “Editor’s Letter” in yesterday’s New York Times T Magazine, wrote about fashion and books as desirable physical objects.  I wish I’d written her  words about weaving; … Continue reading

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Finnish Inspiration and a Ribbon at the State Fair

On the Vesterheim Textile Tour in June we visited the Craft Museum of Finland. My Friend Jan Mostrom and I noticed a pillow tucked in the corner of an exhibit. … Continue reading

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Marta and the Potato Analogy

As a weaving instructor, Marta Kløve Juuhl is energetic and supportive and creative.  She taught two classes at Vesterheim this summer and she created a class climate that was conducive … Continue reading

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Traditional Icelandic Rya Knots; A Contemporary Adaption

I took a weaving class in July at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum.  Marta Kløve Juuhl, a Norwegian weaver who has been studying and recreating medieval Icelandic pile coverlets, taught two … Continue reading

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Few Ryas in Finland; I Found Them in Budapest

During the Vesterheim Textile Tour to Norway and Finland in June, I was disappointed by the few ryas I saw in Finland.  Even though this tour was not focused on … Continue reading

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Love and Kisses, Congratulations, and a Rug

Helen Elise Davenport Simrill and Kristian Marshall Melom are getting married on August 17.  Congratulations!  My husband Mike and I wish we could be in Atlanta for the wedding, but … Continue reading

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Summer = Minnesota State Fair

This weekend I am preparing some weavings to enter in the Minnesota State Fair.  It’s just around the corner! The Weavers Guild of Minnesota has a booth and guild members … Continue reading

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Enthusiastic Norwegians

I picked up Marta Kløve Juuhl and her friend Sigrid Skeiseide at the Minneapolis airport on July 10, and hosted them overnight before a Vesterheim volunteer drove them to Decorah. … Continue reading

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