Projects OFF the Loom

Although I’m mostly “bound to weave,” other projects come up.  For a fun mother-daughter night, I took a class on making small felted animals at the Textile Center this week, along with Margaret.  It was very enjoyable; with some photos and able instruction from Christy Binomiemi, we dove right in and began to make small replicas of our cats. I managed to be the first one in the class to poke herself with the sharp needle and swear, suddenly (and was then rewarded with a chocolate). Here is Guy with his completed clone.  We didn’t have quite enough time in the two-hour class to complete our animals.  I’m looking forward to seeing Margaret’s cat, Loki, when she finishes.

IMG_6715It’s not easy to get the dimensions correct.  I kept adding more wool on the back of my cat, to match Guy’s girth.   And ultimately, the face isn’t quite right; the chin does not jut out enough.

IMG_6714I just sent off a pillow as a gift for a family member, Alden Christopher.  It features a fabric photo of his great-great grandmother Edith. She was my husband’s grandmother, known to him as “Mother Edith.”  She looks so stately in her pearls.  Mike says that she referred to her ample bosom as a shelf for catching crumbs.

Mother Edith



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