Inconvenient and Expensive

We have laughed several times in the past few weeks over a New Yorker cartoon about the allure of being an audiophile.  This is my husband, hands down.  (This cartoon appeared in the May 25th issue, on one of the pages of a very interesting article by Karl Øve Knausgaard on Anders Breivik, “The Inexplicable.”)

expensive2I’m not complaining, really, except the record cleaner he purchased sounds like the worst vacuum cleaner noise you’ve ever heard; the cats leap up with fur extended each time he decides there is crackle on a record that needs removal.

Recently I’ve been thinking I could redo this cartoon and add a loom, or piles of expensive Scandinavian yarn.  Or how about weaving books from Norway?  Unlike many of my friends, I have only one floor loom, and fully intend to stay that way.  At the Midwest Weavers Conference this weekend I saw a loom that I love, one that I used in Bergen once, the Öxabäck Lilla. It would be so fun to have for the granddaughters in a few short years.  Check out this darling video of a Swedish nine-year-old, “Vega väver 2.”  Is it cool, Vega? her instructor asks.  Ya.

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