Gudbrandsdal for a Day; My Friend Catherine Models

IMG_0692 My friend Catherine helped carry boxes of books and weavings to the classroom when I gave a three-hour seminar on Norwegian weaving at the Midwest Weavers Conference last month.  Invaluable help! I talked about bunads briefly, and Catherine modeled my bunad – the Gudbrandsdal bunad I embroidered for my mom back during college, and which she recently gave back to me. Catherine changed into the bunad as I prepared by the podium, and entered as my talk began.  It fit her perfectly; she was a perfect model.  I am so thankful to student Anne Reaves who took these photos, as I didn’t want to interrupt my talk to whip out my camera.

What I did not notice at the time, given my concentration on my talk, was one small costume issue – the shirt is on backwards.  I plan to make a lovelier, more elaborate shirt, and need to buy suitable jewelry.  I’m sure if that was complete, that mistake would not have happened!