Robbie LaFleur

Every Day an Experiment

Last week I played with a skein of paper yarn I bought in Finland.  Shiny!  I loved the gold strand twined with white paper.  I found some gold thread in my stash and wove a simple striped Christmas mat.


Paper thread is stiff.  I learned the hard way that you don’t wind it on a spool, you put it on a boat shuttle.  The resulting mat is stiff and transluscent.



I think it would have been prettier if it had been narrower and longer, but I used seine twine warp that happened to be on the loom.  It received cat approval nonetheless.


3 comments on “Every Day an Experiment

  1. KerryCan
    December 9, 2015

    How neat! I’ve read about paper thread but haven’t used it–I like the effect and your finishing knots!

  2. Kristine Stark
    December 9, 2015

    I’ve often wondered what one does with paper yarn – now I know! It is just beautiful Robbie! I agreed with KerryCan (above) Your knots are perfect!

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