A Handmade Christmas Card – Sort Of

christmas2015Checking with family members last night, I discovered that a Christmas card, delivered via the post office, can’t even make it across two miles of Minneapolis in three days.  Really?

This year I planned to make a tree-shaped window in my cards and add handwoven cloth behind it.  At the last minute I decided to scan a piece of weaving, a sample made in Ruby Leslie’s workshop earlier this fall, and insert it digitally.  Good plan!  Writing cards to family and mailing them out is work enough. Maybe someday I will make a card as pretty as this one woven by Mary Snelgrove one year.  It was on display at the wonderful Weavers Guild celebration of a handmade Christmas.


There was one other handmade part of Christmas Eve.  I made big, easily-identifiable, stockings for granddaughter presents, based on a wonderful childhood memory.  My grandmother (my mother’s mother Eleanor), came to stay with us, even though she only lived on a farm “north of town.”  Terry and I looked out the kitchen picture window and as she drove up we saw two giant stockings in the back seat of her car, bulging with boxes.  For US!  Now the girls each have stockings that will be under the tree and Grandma Robbie and Pop’s house each year.



Happy holidays!  Even as I was cooking all day yesterday, I was starting to think of my New Year’s weaving resolutions….  On to 2016!



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