State Fair 2016

Bonnie Raitt at the grandstand?  Zoomed to the top ten of my best concert experiences, a magical night when the rain did NOT come. Annual demonstrating on the Weavers Guild loom?  Fun with kids, like this ninja weaver.


Kids are SO ADEPT.


I love this kid’s t-shirt.



First I wove a short mat using interesting “yarn” made from bright sari silks.  I couldn’t resist the skein when I visited Black Cat Farmstead last year. One skein equaled this much weaving.


Then I switched to try the cool checkerboard summer and winter pattern set up on the loom.  I used red poppana weft and some tan fabric strips, which I had not sewn together (dumb, dumb, dumb).


I soon realized that if I completed a whole game board I would be weaving until midnight, instead of leaving at nine when the building closed.  So I switched to quick, plain weaving and ended up with this.


I entered five weavings, and got five ribbons.  The best one, however, was an added honor, a Weavers Guild award for the “Best Use of Color in a Non-woven Item,” for this runner.