Creepy…or Cool?

Is it creepy….or cool?  From a basket filled with furry faces at the Pioneer Festival in Perham, Minnesota, I bought a coyote face.  I thought I could fix it and mold it and make a mask.  Wouldn’t a granddaughter want to pretend she is a wild animal in the woods?


Maddie caught sight of it before I worked with it.  Oh – scary!  No, it’s not, I told her — it’s a nice animal, and I told her I was going to make a mask.  Over the next few minutes she seemed a little less concerned, tipping more towards curious. This morning I steamed the face over a pot of water, molded it, and clipped out the eyes a bit.  I think he looks much less scary.coyote2

I think it is a marvelous face, Maddie is reserving judgment, my husband still feels it is creepy (“It’s still skin.  It’s a face.”), and my son, to whom I texted photos, replied, “Way cool!”



  1. Go for it and see how it turns out! You will get both reactions no matter what you do…maybe you will have to wear the face yourself (or, work it into a tapestry???) I love to draw bones…human and animal, and I’d say the majority of people are easily spooked, but your son isn’t the only one who will say “cool”! N.