Warp-Weighted Loom Weights

I mentioned previously that I obtained a whole bag of trampoline weights that my neighbor was discarding.  They weighed nine ounces, so I used cement to make them close to 500 grams each, to use with my warp-weighted loom.  For the first test, I mixed up some cement and stood the weight up in a tiny Coke can.  The cement was too thick.  Then I used a plastic cup, which was easy to fill, but difficult to peel off.


I made a little factory and set out to make the weights in the hallway at my studio building,  next to the deep sink.  I used Dixie cups, and the coated paper peeled off much more easily than the plastic cup.


I’m sure that many people would have been more scientific in their cement mixing and filling the cups.  However, I ended up mixing cement the same way I have made frosting for all my adult life.  Add some water (butter and milk for the frosting).  Too thick?  Add more liquid.  Too liquid?  Add more cement (or powdered sugar). It worked best when the cement was just thin enough to pour, but not too liquid.


I eyeballed the cement levels, based on my experimental piece.


This morning when I peeled off the paper I found that the vast majority weighed between 485 and 520 grams.  I marked each weight. I had one dumb idea, however.  I had many glassy rocks, the type you put in the bottom of floral arrangements, and I thought it might be fun to embed them.  Even when I banged the cups to settle the liquid cement, it didn’t always surround the pebbles.  One was a total disaster.

img_0137Whoops! But now I have 40 weights, enough to get going on my Sami green piece.

My cement work was inspired by Nille Glaesel from Norway, who recently made her own warp-weighted loom and has been posting very useful videos.  Plus, now that I have seen this stunning photo of her, I think I need to make a Viking-type outfit to wear while weaving on the warp-weighted loom!




    1. Thanks, Mel! This week I am traveling for Thanksgiving wth relatives, but I almost wish I could stay home and start setting up the loom. For sure that would be more fun than the airport.