The Most Beautiful Window Display Ever

Yesterday, on a rainy walk uptown to the Cooper Hewitt Museum, I chanced upon the most beautiful window exhibit I’ve ever seen, in the Bergdorf Goodman Mens Store, on 5th Avenue around 58th. It was impossible to photograph the display in its full glory because of the glass.  The tailoring supplies and ties in beautiful blues and greens looked like an artful disarray, but the items were placed by a genius. You could see that the wool on the stacked bolts of fabric was exquisite, especially the blue/green and gray plaid on the top.  It looked like a talented tailor might actually be working – apart from the buttons strewn on the floor.


The window was in honor of the founder of Kitone, Ciro Paone.


If you are in NYC, you should visit this window! My photos don’t even include the mannequins to the right of the assemblage, dressed in beautiful suits.

Also noticed on that walk: police officers huddled in front of Trump Tower carry big, long guns.



  1. What a beautiful display–the colors, the fabrics, the cones of thread–love it all. I don’t love the image of Secret Service on 5th Avenue, though . . . your last photo is perfect.