A Busy Loom at the Weavers Guild

Our Scandinavian Weavers Study Group is in the midst of a group project at the Weavers Guild.  We put a fine linen warp for dukagång on a Glimåkra loom.  Everyone who signed up could weave 18″.  I’ve documented the process on the Scandinavian Weavers Study Group blog.  It will be SO FUN to take the warp off at the end, as we are only able to take under-the-loom photos of the unfolding pieces so far. Dukagång is woven from the back.

Jan Mostrom and I were the first to weave, to try to figure out tips and hints for the following weavers.

So far, a Scandinavian star is the most popular motif.  Here was mine, not a surprise to some readers, I’m sure.



Read more about the process, and see many more photos, on the Scandinavian Weavers blog.

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