Indecipherable Objects in Space

IMG_6581Paul Klee, Alexander Calder, and my granddaughter Maddie–these are people who are masterful at drawing and painting indecipherable objects in space, free and colorful.  It’s an abstract style I love and want to incorporate more in my tapestries and rugs.

Last month, on a day in Maine for the very special wedding of her father, Maddie asked, “Grandma, do you have any paper?” Of course I travel with paper, and I pulled out some  paper with squares.  I have been a fan of Maddie’s drawings since she could hold a pencil. She has great concentration and a wonderful color sense. I often sense something behind her creations, something she might not know herself.


I saw the drawing later, and asked, “May I have this one?” Back at home I pulled out the bag of natural-dyed yarn I purchased earlier this year and chose a range of colors that, while not exactly the same as Maddie’s, pay honor to her color sense.  Same with the pattern–it’s not identical, partly due to the narrow warp on my portable pipe loom.  The pattern underwent some shifting and additions to balance nicely. Here, the completed tapestry is still on the pipe loom I used for weaving.  I am eager to take it off and mount it, but there is still warp on the back, and my next piece is planned……




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