Unsuccessful Skillbragd–What to do? Throw it Away?

In our last Scandinavian Weavers Study Group shared warp project, skillbragd, I attempted to to create a beautiful gradation of pink to red, with a pop of purple, using yarn from my stash. Perhaps it was impossible given the yarn at my disposal, but I was not happy with the result. It was sort of looking pretty along the way.

From the back (the side with more linen background showing, the gradations looked softer, less sharp.

But no, the skillbragd scrap was not pretty.

So that was a challenge.  What could I do with it?  I folded it this way and that, and stumbled a variation that used the piece to best advantage.  I thought it would be a scissors holder for my wall, but a friend pointed out that I would need to add plastic at the bottom to make sure the tips of the scissors didn’t wear through it over time, so now it is holding old and precious postcards.

This piece, in various states of completion, sat around for months, and along the way…was it sitting next to a highlighter?  A faint yellow stain is near the top, sadly.

I added curly fringes, just because I like them.

The holder is on my wall at home, in an area with many precious small things.  While it’s a bit of a silly handmade item, it has meaning as a reminder of the fun and learning I share with friends in our Scandinavian Weavers Study Group. Here’s the most precious item in the area–a certificate for my father’s prize-winning Holstein calf at the Red River Valley Winter Shows in 1937.

That’s not my last small piece of skillbragd waiting for inspiration; this series will likely continue.


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