Some Nice Ribbons at the State Fair

Are you heading to the State Fair? For my friends and relatives who like to ferret out exhibits by people they know, these are my items in the Creative Activities Building.

The potato weaving (written about here) won a blue ribbon:

The shadow weave rug (written about here) won a third place:

A small tapestry of Norwegian heads (written about here) won a blue ribbon:

A rag rug with purple stripes (written about here) won fourth place in a rug division. On this rug I sewed the hems by machine; it looks lovely from the front, but irregular and quite imperfect from the back.  When I showed my husband, he said, “Well, why would you even want to enter that?”  I did because it is important to enter in many categories so that people will see examples of woven rugs. There are SO many beautiful knitted sweaters each year–always more weaving needed!

A bag for my portable copper pipe tapestry loom, made with a piece of skillbragd won a blue ribbon.

And a wall hanging in the danskbrogd X series (written about here) won a blue ribbon.

I read about the nice ribbons online, and also discovered I won three more awards: the Doris Tufte award, the American Swedish Institute award, and the Weavers Guild of Minnesota award for best woven item. I am guessing these awards are connected to the potato weaving, but I won’t know until I return home and get to the Fair next week–or until my friends inform me.