Dipping into “Gammel Norsk Vævkunst”: Volume 2

For my small unicorn billedvev I was looking for some flowers to add to the background–a perfect reason to examine some of the old pieces in a volume of Henrik Grosch’s Gammel Norsk Vævkunst. Here are a few pieces from Volume 10, which Grosch described as “peasant work.” (Progress photo at the end of the post)

Aren’t the green images in this one interesting–both the odd animals and the simplified tulip with a yellow “shadow’?

I find the geometric precision of the next one appealing, both the triangle/diamond border pattern and the flowers simplified down to three diamonds on a stem.

There are tulip-like flowers in this one.

Crazy birds in this one, and sets of diamonds become floral motifs.

Here’s where I am on the unicorn now–horn completed!


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