Medieval Mash-Up with Margaret: Finished

I wove “Medieval Mash-Up with Margaret” to bring to the Norwegian tapestry workshop I planned to give in Denver in late March. (Insert sad face) As the coronavirus crisis unfolded, I set aside the final finishing and hemming of the billedvev for other projects, until today. This is the first photo of the completed piece.

I used a good camera, but the image is still lacking; the light greens are not as vibrant as they should be. Amazingly, it came out perfectly squared, so the slightly dipping top edge is the fault of the photographer.

The piece was documented well along the way in the following posts:

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As with any project, it was so instructional along the way. When I looked at it after setting it aside for a while, my thought was, “Oh my gosh, that took a lot of time.” Although I don’t know how many hours were involved, I just know that if you keep at it, keep returning, it will get done. Is that a lesson for our new time of coronavirus? We’ll get through? I suppose, although I miss people.

Too distracted by the news to work on deep thinking projects, I’ve turned to house repair; I’ve intended to sand and refinish this small wood area in our upstairs bathroom for years. The bottom two frames are before.

I have plenty to occupy me, and while I am blessed to have a wonderful home and husband, I am often disgruntled. We’re eating well, although all of the rules of grocery shopping and bringing in the items are annoying. Please keep safe, everyone!

Another cartoon sent by my friend Annemor Sundbø. Be sure to tell me if you see more Scream-related cartoons!


  1. Robbie, I spotted another Scream! Google the Getty Museum challenge. People are recreating famous paintings at home using household objects.