Medieval Mash-up #2: May Your Stars Align in 2020

The Medieval mash-up tapestry is progressing nicely during the holidays, despite a bit of three-steps-forward, one-step-back ripping out. I was so excited when I finished the horse’s tail one day.

I was thrilled to begin the blue horse, but not so thrilled when I realized I forgot the horse’s outline. On the top portion of the photo, you can see how much had to come out, but the outlining on the bottom is much nicer, I think.

Diamond I didn’t like, and a better one

The shapes in the space beside the horse are all adapted from old billedvev pieces. I wove one of the diamonds and hated it. The outlining of such a small area looked uneven and the color made it look like a disgusting ginger cookie. There’s a very good chance it would have looked just fine, or not worthy of notice, when the tapestry was finished, but I still wanted to redo it.

Stars are popular motifs in medieval Norwegian tapestries. Here are a few from old pieces–can you pick out the one I chose as a model?

The green shape composed of five diamonds was taken from this tapestry. Do you see it on top of the horse’s rump? I liked (and used) the striped diamonds in this piece, too.


I’ve been happy with my progress during this otherwise busy holiday stretch, and I’ve kept up my “at least one hour a day” weaving goal, even during the days that our granddaughter Alden stayed with us. She was very interested and wanted to help. She stood alongside me, and after I placed the yarn with a nice bubble, she would beat it down with the fork.

Happy New Year!


December 31, 2019




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