Update: The woodpecker will travel to Colorado

I’m pleased that my offer to send the woodpecker tapestry to a health professional during these hard times has been accepted. Joanna Dyson wrote to honor Dr. Amy Olson. “I’m one of her very grateful patients,” Joanna wrote. “She’s gotten me through some really hard times.”

My heartfelt thanks go out to Dr. Olson and so many others!

I would like to honor Dr. Amy Olson, a pulmonologist at  National Jewish Hospital, a specialist outpatient hospital and the #1 lung hospital in America) in Denver, Colorado. Amy and many of the other doctors are heavily involved in our response to covid-19, as well as keeping many of our most vulnerable people well. The efforts NJH have extended to enable continued testing and treatment in the setting of lethal pandemic are noteworthy.

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