What’s on the Loom: The Graffiti Plan

I wrote recently on the impetus for my graffiti-inspired tapestry. For the sake of documentation, here are some details.

In my study of the work of Frida Hansen and her wool transparency technique, I’ve been looking at various borders in her designs. I like the chain-like border in a Frida Hansen floral that was on the front of an exhibition catalog.

The catalog is “Frida Hansen and the others…Transparent Portieres 1897-1930.” The works are those of her students and followers.

From my neighborhood documentation of exuberant painting on boarded-up windows, I chose elements from these three spots.

My collage construction method for the cartoon was part Photoshop, and mostly cut-and-paste, or in my case, cut-and-tape. Lots of tape. I chose clear, bright street art colors.

And now it’s underway. I’ll post more photos of the cartoon, and of the tapestry, once it begins to unfold and begins to look like something.


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