Best Zoom comment and some videos

The holidays abbreviated. Horrible Minnesota coronavirus statistics. More lockdowns. Oh, and carjackings are up 316% since last year in Minneapolis. Many things seem grim and dangerous. Upside: lots of communication about a possible new project, interesting work on the Norwegian Textile Letter, a new granddaughter(!), and wonderful family and friends (even though I can’t be with them, for the most part).

Details in four flesberg pieces from the Flesberg Study Group exhibit in Decorah in 2006, showing the wide variety of band patterns possible with the flesberg technique. This is from one of many articles on the flesberg technique in the upcoming issue of the Norwegian Textile Letter, out at the end of November.

I appreciate Zoom for lectures and meetings, and even birthday celebrations. This week I “saw” my friend Nancy Ellison at our Scandinavian Weavers Study Group meeting, which was nice, because Nancy doesn’t really like technology that much. Surprisingly, I saw her three days later on a Vesterheim Zoom “Collections Connection.” This time she explained, “I used to think that if the Amish can do without cars, I could do without the Internet. But then the coronavirus came.” Several other people at that lectures echoed similar sentiments, about how the ONLY good pandemic outcome is the opportunity to meet with people from far away who share the same interests.

NO Zoom greeting can make up for the loss of my annual visit to Nancy Ellison’s farm near Zumbrota.

There are also so many wonderful video lecture and class opportunities lately on Scandinavian topics. I mentioned some in a post to Norwegian Textile Letter subscribers about the upcoming issue (listed here). I forgot another short video about the Danish designer Finn Juuhl, “The Lost “Elephant” of Danish Design” in the blog post, “The Lost Sofa of Finn Juuhl.” Oh, I would love this sofa!

But still the headlines come…

So discouraging….