Mystery Solved!

After I sent off my post about a mystery tapestry yesterday, my husband and I set off for a hike on the oak savannah prairie and in the woods near the Valley Grove churches in southern Minnesota.

The cloudless blue above set off the rooster finial of the old stone church. (That rooster may show up in a tapestry someday.)

What a pleasant way to do research. As we were out on the prairie, Sally Reckert in England set aside supper preparations to write, “The style of your unknown tapestry looks to me Polish and particularly Piotr Grabowski.” Ah, the clues were coming. Shortly thereafter, Małgorzata Buczek responded on Facebook.

A quick Google image search turned up this tapestry owned by the Art Institute of Chicago.

“Teatr.” 1950s. Stefan Galkowski (Polish, 1912–1984) and Helena Galkowska (Polish, 1911–1992). Poland, Cracow. 129″ x 59-⅜”.

Clearly the same cartoon as the mystery tapestry in Massachusetts.

108″ x 72″.

Of course the mystery is not completely solved. The sizes and the colors are different. Joyce Ketcham plans to write to the Art Institute of Chicago to see if they have more information on their tapestry.

My thoughts about this mystery were 1) Oh, of course, Polish! I knew that (or should have known). 2) Thank you, Małgorzata Buczek! And 3) I want to go to Poland.

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  1. Wait! Please enlighten us on why you thought “…Oh, of course, Polish! I knew that (or should have known)” What can we hope to find distinctive in Polish tapestry? This is so exciting.