A Phoenix, frida-hansen style

Here’s a lovely mystery tapestry in open warp wool transparency technique–well, not a complete mystery, but a tapestry on which owner Ann Levy would like more information. She wrote, “Sometime in the mid 20th century my mother-in-law purchased two tapestries of a phoenix in flight woven on an open warp. I believe the weaver’s name was David Z. Tripp and he lived in New York City.  They needed some repair and my mother-in-law was able to locate him and have him do the repairs.”

The tapestry hangs in a hallway, and is difficult to photograph to advantage

Below are some detail shots of floral areas. Ann thinks that they may be inspired by the unicorn tapestries at the Cloisters as some of the flowers and plants are very similar.

I wasn’t much help with any information about her very interesting piece. It is definitely woven in a wool open warp transparency style similar to Frida Hansen, though I don’t think Frida Hansen pieces included such long open warps.

Ann planned to contact the Ratti Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in case they knew of this NY artist. Won’t it be great when libraries are open again?

If anyone knows about this artist, please let me know!