Scandinavian Textile Zoom Talks

Many of you already know about the work of my good friend Annemor Sundbø, from Setesdal in Norway. Next week you can tune in to “Lunch and Learn: Norwegian Knitting in Time and Distance with Annemor Sundbø,” featured as part of North House Folk School‘s Fiber February. Here’s the description: 

“Lunch and Learn: Norwegian Knitting in Time and Distance: Heirloom Sheep with Short Tails and a Rag Pile Heritage with Long Tales” with Annemor Sundbø. Thursday February 11, Noon-1 CT

Author Annemor Sundbø, the “sweater detective,” will join us for a Lunch and Learn webinar to share stories from her research into the most familiar and well-loved Norwegian knitwear. For more than 25 years, Annemor has unraveled the history of knitting, following the thread all the way back to the very oldest tales, which feature a mix of cultural history, memory, myth and hypotheses. She will discuss her books Koftearven  and Spelsau og Samspill, live from the Setesdalsmuseum, which features her exhibition.  Register in advance for this webinar.

Airing LIVE on Thu, Feb 11 at 12:00pm


For more about Annemor, see this article in the Norwegian Textile Letter: “A Rag Pile, My Lot in Life, and a wonderful interview in The Craftsmanship Initiative, “The Sweater Detective.”

Hear about Swedish weaving, too

Today North House hosted another Scandinavian-themed talk: “Lunch and Learn: Swedish Weaving with Arianna Funk.” I listened and highly recommend it. A recording of the talk will be up on the North House site by early next week. 

And more

I recommend North House and its programs and classes altogether. Check out all of the “Fiber February” offerings. My friend Carol Colburn specifically mentioned the talk on February 24 by Gwen Westerman. “She is a Native American, Dakota quilter who lives in Good Thunder, Minnesota. Her quilts are evocative of the land, nature, and the history of her Dakota ancestors. I met her through the Minnesota State Arts Board. She is an author and teacher of writing as well – this will be a good presentation. This is her quilt web site –”