Scandinavian Lectures and Classes to add to your Calendar

Norwegian Tapestry Lecture

I will be presenting a zoom lecture on Norwegian billedvev, “From Virgins to Spaceships: A Visual Voyage Through Norwegian Tapestry,” through Livsreise, a Norwegian heritage center in Stoughton, Wisconsin. It’s on March 13, 2021, 1 pm CST. Free and open to all.

I enjoyed giving this lecture to two groups in January, The Telerana Fiber Arts Guild in Arizona and the Warped Weavers Guild in Bel Air, Maryland. Each time I prepare it, the text changes slightly and I find new slides to add. It’s always fun.

I look forward to visiting the immigrant heritage center once it reopens for in-person visitors and the weather warms up.

A Billedvev “Collections Connection”

As part of an ongoing Vesterheim series, I will be featured in a zoom “Collection Connections: Billedvev (Tapestry Weaving),” Tuesday, June 8, 2021 (12-1:00 PM CT). This will be a fun opportunity to see some of the historical tapestries from the Vesterheim collection. (There is limited enrollment, so enroll soon if you are interested.)

Share your lunch break with Vesterheim Gold Medalist and weaving instructor Robbie LaFleur as she highlights billedvev weaving from the collection, including two important historical pieces dating from the 1600s during Norway’s golden age of tapestry. Robbie will discuss some of her favorite tapestries that were woven in the early 1900s during a resurgence of interest in techniques and images from earlier centuries. This event is open to both practicing weavers and folk-art enthusiasts alike.

Collection Connections is a series of Vesterheim-hosted conversations featuring beloved folk-art school instructors. Spotlighting the incredible collection of folk art at Vesterheim, these conversations are opportunities for you to stay connected with your folk-art community during this unpredictable time. Each event will highlight a piece or several from the museum’s collection as explained, interpreted, and appreciated by a master folk artist.

The listed event is one Zoom session: Tuesday, June 8, 2021 12:00 – 1:00 pm CT

Level of Instruction: All are welcome.

Tuition: $20.00 Members $22.00 Non-members

Classes at Vesterheim Folk Art School

Class registration starts today for virtual offerings in April, May, and June. The only weaving class is sold out, but you might have a chance at the remaining fiber art classes. You might also want to try your hand at something completely different, like rosemaling or wood carving. In her article in the current Norwegian Textile Letter, Vesterheim Folk School Education Director Lea Lovelace noted this is a trend.

It is so great to see familiar faces as we convene a program, but it is also exciting to see new folks because of the greater accessibility of online programs. Vesterheim Gold Medalist Rosemaler Patti Goke said it first and others have since echoed her statement. “I love the accessibility of online classes. I have wanted to try so many other folk art traditions for so long, but I couldn’t justify investing the time or the cost in trying onsite classes in other disciplines, as I needed to prioritize taking Rosemaling classes. Now with online classes I can try something new and see if I want to return to Vesterheim to take a more intensive class in-person.” We are seeing weavers trying tinsmithing and woodcarving online for the first time.

Vesterheim Folk Art School Pivots to Online Offerings for the Pandemic and Beyond.”

Book a Vesterheim lecture for your group

Laurann Gilbertson, Curator at Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum, offers two weaving-related lectures: “Weaving Bewitchment: “Gerhard Munthe’s Folk-tale Tapestries” and “Warmth and Color: Traditional Norwegian Coverlets.” She is such a warm and knowledgeable presenter–I recommend booking her for your guild or organization if you have an opportunity. And she has more–read about all of her textile-related lectures in the “Fine Art and Folk Art” category on Vesterheim’s Request a Speaker page.

For now, check out Laurann’s video, “Tour Vesterheim’s Collection Behind the Scenes- Textiles.”