Billedvev: Watch, Read…

Watch. In the past few years I have given a lecture on historical Norwegian billedvev (tapestry, or literally “picture weaving”) several times in person, and now twice on zoom. Each presentation is a wonderful opportunity to review my images. Inevitably, I make changes. I am giving the lecture again this Saturday, March 13, at 1 pm, on zoom through Livsreise, a Norwegian heritage center in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Free! Sign up here: “FROM VIRGINS TO SPACESHIPS: A VISUAL VOYAGE THROUGH NORWEGIAN TAPESTRY.”

Read. A while back Sally Reckert, the editor of the British Tapestry Group’s magazine, Tapestry Weaver, asked me about who might want to write about Norwegian tapestry. People in the UK are more familiar with traditions in other European countries. “They don’t look north so much,” Sally explained. I gave her the names of several Norwegians, but added that I would be happy to put together a list of articles and other information in English. It seemed like a good opportunity to organize the information in my bulging notebooks and laptop bookmarks. My intro to the list morphed into an article in the new issue of Tapestry Weaver.

Look Back in Time, Look North: A Focus on Norwegian Tapestry.” Tapestry Weaver, Issue 29, March 2021

Read Even More. My list, Sources on Historical and Contemporary Norwegian Billedvev (Tapestry) in English, is always a work in progress! Please feel free to suggest other sources.

Postcript Fun Video: I ran across this, a short video from Antiques Roadshow of a Norwegian tapestry, listed as “Allegorical Tapestry.”