Investigating Norwegian Billedvev: an Online Tapestry Talk

Over the past few years I have come to know the billedvev (Norwegian tapestry) collection at Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum very well. In June I shared my enthusiasm for those tapestries and their motifs in a “Collections Connection” zoom talk for the museum. It is now available online, here.

In the short talk, I act as a “billedvev design detective” and note how a few of the most common motifs in traditional Norwegian tapestry are honored and repeated over time.

The April man of the Baldishol Tapestry shows up again in a 20th century tapestry by Else Marie Jakobsen.

For more screen shots from the talk, see also this post from the day it was filmed: “Collections Connection: Mixing Historical Motifs in Norwegian Tapestry.”

My talk is one of many “Collections Connection” talks available on the Vesterheim Youtube channel. Check them out!

The fall and winter classes include great new offerings. Check out the weaving list and the fiber arts list. I am personally looking forward to a “Collections Connection” talk by Carol Colburn on October 13, “Collection Connections: Inside Handwoven Dresses.”


  1. This was very interesting, thank you for your presentation. I’m very drawn to the Gerard Munthe designs and the folk tale subjects.

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