Valley Grove Tapestries: Tapestry Two, the Stone Church

The second of the Valley Grove tapestry quartet focuses on the original stone church, built in 1862, and the women of the Ladies Aid who raised the money to preserve it as a meeting hall after the larger church was built. I finished the church and am happy enough with the result. It would have been a bit boxy and dull without the charming steeple.

I had to advance the warp on the loom before it was completed, so here is a slanted view of the whole church.

There is a star above the church for a couple of reasons. Stars are so common in historical Norwegian tapestries, and after all, the churches are in Minnesota, the North Star State.

When I begin to weave a section of the tapestry, like the church, I become antsy. Just get it done! But even before that part is done, I am eager for a different challenge. Right now, I can’t wait to finish this chicken. Can I weave a great chicken?

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