Valley Grove Tapestries: Skiing Pastor in the Colorful Woods

The hardest part so far in the tapestry of the skiing pastor has been weaving the angles of the skis and ski poles evenly and smoothly. Jagged just wouldn’t do, as opposed to his knee, for example. I looked at the bent knee recently and thought, “Too pointy!” But my second thought was, “This is supposed to be abstract, not realistic.” Still, I’m happy the skis are not irregular.

When I began the tapestry, I planned to weave a pattern-filled background of diamonds, similar to this historical tapestry.

This is a detail from a Feast of Herod tapestry in the Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo. See the full tapestry:

But when I began to weave the background, I hated the color I chose for the diamonds. I switched to using a cluster of dots pattern, as I’ve seen on other historical billedvev.

Soon I’ll add stars in the sky, like the ones in this tapestry.

The Three Wise Men, from the Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo:

In reality, if the abstracted snow was falling, you would not see the stars–but again, it’s not realistic!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your I formation! I was a Student of Syvilla Bolstrom from Vesterheim! We studied your work!! I Enjoyed makings a very Small piece Thank you for your continued education

    Barbara Ann Tronsgard

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