Frida Hansen’s transparency Technique: Experimenting with Jaggerspun Wool Warp

The day I decided to weave a small test on my pipe loom coordinated nicely with the onset of a terrible cold. I dragged my comforter to the couch and watched the PBS News Hour and Masterpiece Theater (Breathless, a three part show that had an unsatisfactory ending, IMHO.)

By the end of the afternoon I was nearly done.

The yarns worked OK. The Jaggerspun 3/3.6 warp (at 8 epi) was firm and strong, and the weft stayed nicely in place, as I hoped, and remained so after it was taken off the loom, too. It’s definitely worth trying on the larger piece.

I try very hard not to pull in the edges, but I wan’t completely successful in the small piece. You can see from the position of the yarn on the back of the pipe loom that my edge creeped in a bit.

I’m going to come up with a system of evaluating the yarns I try, a ten point scale that will go from 10 (this yarn works fabulously) to 5 (OK, but it’s not my favorite) to 1 (good luck if you try that one). There will be a checklist of considerations, including strength, “toothiness,” range of colors, cost, and ease of availability in the U.S.

I finished up with a card showing the weft yarns I used, a mixture of Norwegian frid from Norsk Fjord Fiber, two dark pink singles, and a lighter pink Rauma billedvev yarn.

Tomorrow, warping for the larger piece.

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