Frida Hansen: Art Nouveau in Full Bloom

Finally! A new shipment of the beautiful exhibition book published by the Stavanger Art Museum has arrived at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum bookshop. If you don’t have it, here’s your chance! Order it here. Here’s a bit of what I wrote about it in 2021.

When the Stavanger Art Museum held a retrospective exhibit of the work of Frida Hansen in 2015, they published a beautiful book of essays and photos, Frida Hansen: Art Nouveau i Full Blomst (Art Nouveau in Full Bloom).

In the Rose Garden (detail)

In her transparency pieces, admire the juxtaposition of open and woven warps.

The book includes five excellent essays, in Norwegian and English. 

And here’s a clumsy short video of me leafing through the book.

I was so happy to hear from Ken yesterday, as I gave my copy of the book to Peter Pap when I was at the Manhattan Winter Show last spring, for the public unveiling of Hansen’s monumental tapestry, Sørover. I’ve missed having it easily at hand! (See this post, and many articles about the tapestry are linked here.)

Once again, you can order the book here.