Frida’s Farmer’s Roses on the Baby Wolf

Frida Hansen wove her wool open warp transparent tapestries on a vertical loom. When I was preparing a class on the technique, a prospective student asked, “Can I use my Baby Wolf (a small floor loom)?” Sure, I thought and said, but I tried it out myself, to see if I encountered differences or could share any tips.

I wove a small tapestry based on Frida Hansen’s Bonderoser (Farmer’s Roses) pattern. See this post on the pattern and start of the project, “Finding Frida Hansen in the Nasjonalmuseet Archives.”

Farmer’s Roses, 2023. 13″ x 28″ (with fringes)

As I prepared for my workshop on the Frida Hansen’s technique, I wove a few samples to test various aspects (warp, weft, design, etc.). I wrote notes to help me remember which things to discuss with students. The baby Wolf worked out well, but if you would like to read the comments I wrote for my workshop, that page is here.

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