Veronna with Admirable Ingenuity

The problem with great weaving classes is that they are never long enough.  There’s not enough time to discuss everything you want with your new and instant friends, and never enough time to weave quite as much as you hoped.  Our halv-flossa class this summer was no exception.  The students all had far to drive, and on the last day Ingebjorg gave us a lesson on how to take our warps off the looms so that they could be laced onto our own looms at home.  In my case I knew that would never happen and opted to finish weaving, even if it meant driving later than I had hoped.  Veronna Capone opted for a more sensible drive time home to South Dakota and left with her piece ready for a bit more weaving. She wanted to flesh out some areas of the design.  Admirably, she quickly finished it off, but not by putting it on her loom.  She wrote, “I built a frame of 1×3, lapped the corners fastening with two screws each corner.  I tied the longest warps directly to the frame and the shorter ones on the other end to a (5/8”?) stiff dowel and tied that to the frame in three or four places to give tension.  I set the additional pile with a needle–hard on the fingers!–and picked out some as well.  Her resulting narrow pillow works great on her husband’s chair.  It’s a bit scratchy, he says, but he uses it anyway!