And the loom needs no rebooting

img_12972I walked away from the loom this evening.  In part it was a frustrating session.  I started adjusting cords to the treadles, and one only led to another, and soon my back protested the bending and reaching for adjusting – one cord tightened led to another too loose, etc.  But the krokbragd grew a bit and I watched two episodes of the Daily Show.  (If you didn’t watch March 4, watch it online for the beginning of the Jon Stewart/CNBC war.) And as I walked away I realized that the loom is satisfying in that it doesn’t need shutting down or turning off.  It just sits quietly and substantially, waiting for my return.

While I weave the cat keeps me company, sometimes at my side on the sheepskin-covered bench.  Here’s where I discovered him yesterday, not in an appropriate place, but totally covering the laptop I keep beside the loom.  I doubt that cat fur is good for computers.

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