Brita Been Tapestries Exhibited in Skien, Norway

A love/hate quandary: I love the fact I know about exhibits of wonderful Norwegian textile artists, hate the fact I can’t just GO TO THEM.

Brita Breen is a Norwegian tapestry artist after my own heart; she interprets traditional textiles in her own modern way.  She riffs on weaving patterns and traditional Norwegian motifs and weaves bold, monumental tapestries.  From the description of the opening of an exhibit this month sponsored by the Skien Art Association (Skien Kunstforening): “With this demanding and time-consuming creative process, the artist can create four woven works each year.”  Looking at their size, this is an accomplishment!

Here are photos from the Skien Kunstforening website. The exhibit will be up at the beautiful Skien, Norway, government building through February 26. Read more here and here.  Isn’t it interesting how pieces have been displayed on the walls and the floor?  Be sure to admire all Brita Been’s tapestries on her own website.

brita2 brita1




  1. Thanks for sharing the amazing tapestry artist Robbie. I will bookmark her website for inspiration for sure! Thanks you for your posts, I don’t say it enough…I love your esthetic and that you are sharing your journey of learning. As a fellow ‘learner’ you effectively inspire me to keep going, searching an making. Tak sa mycket !!