Small Tapestry, A Big Crowd

I’ve been spending time making samples for my upcoming workshop on Norwegian tapestry (billedvev), testing different setts and yarns to plan for the best combination for the class project.  Last week, during a trip to NYC, I switched gears and wove a timely inauguration sketch (5″ x 7″).  I wove it without a cartoon, with only a few lines on the warps to start. It could be woven much better, of course, but I don’t think I will be devoting more time to this image.



I arrived home in time to attend the Women’s March at the capitol in St. Paul, with 90-100,000 others. In this photo, Kelly marshall and I are standing on the Capitol steps; my daughter Margaret and her friend Vanessa made it all the way fro the far end of the crowd up to join us.


And apropos to my weaving, here is a cute sign held by a young girl on the Capitol steps.



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