Danskbrogd Moose–DONE.

Finally. This moose has been hanging around on the loom too long, as I’ve been working on my billedvev and kavelfrans classes.

Some of you may have read about my work along the way, in “Danskbrogd Moose Disaster.” At that time I thought the clear answer was to draw the outline directly on to the warp threads.  That didn’t work so well, either; the image sort of stretched out of whack.  In the end, for the head and the antlers, I just set the cut-out moose on top of the warp threads each time I switched from the pattern in one shed to the other (after each three pattern shots), to figure out what should come next.

I posted a number of in-process photos on Instagram, similar to these. The bottom half of the piece, with several krokbragd borders, was done in my usual technique: weave one, and then figure out what should come next, in color and design.

Luckily I didn’t need much krokbragd at the top for balance. I was ready to be done.



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